E-By Design Technologies Inc. is the proud provider of fully automated solutions “for the price of two stamps.” This commitment to value means we sometimes need to sunset products that are no longer viable. We do this to ensure our systems are secure, available, and maintain their integrity for the safety of all users relying on these systems.

We have announced the end of technical support for Triton Advantage build 20220830.2 and below, effective from October 31, 2022. After every major release, we support legacy releases for a period of time to help our customers upgrade to the latest build. We recommend customers upgrade to the latest build to get the full benefit of security features and technical support.

Build numbers Release date Technical support / maintenance end date
20220830.2 September 9, 2022 October 31, 2022
  1. Go to or
  2. Click on the Login menu item in the top right hand corner.
  3. This will drop down a menu of system information:
    Login ID: xxxxxx
    Build: xxxxxxxx.x OR Gxxxxxxxx.x
    Release: xxxx.xx.xx
    Machine Name: xxxxxxxxxxx
  1. What does End of technical support mean?

    End of technical support means technical assistance will not be available for the specified builds past the retirement dates. However, our engineers will assist you in upgrading to the latest build provided:

    • You have a valid agreement to use of the software (Fee per use of licensed or sub license software installs)
    • You have a valid Maintenance contract (Maintenance agreement for technical services)
  2. Why is this build no longer supported?

    Many software vendors include maintenance costs built into the cost of software licenses. Typically, businesses pay a percentage of total license costs on a monthly or yearly basis (known as maintenance costs) to keep the application in warranty and guarantee regular system upgrades. Paying these fees means you never have to worry about losing support for your system as it will be regularly upgraded once new versions are released.

    As with any business investment, the cost to implement a new software system will be significant, so make sure you look at all your options and not just upgrade to the latest version of the system you’re on. Be prepared to make the investment and consider systems that offer maintenance programs which will give you access to regular upgrades in the future in order to keep up with the latest versions and technology. End of support does not have to be a bad thing – take it as an opportunity to improve your processes and grow your business!

  3. Why should I upgrade?

    Your organization’s business success relies on your ability to maintain trustworthy systems. Your organization should identify, report, and correct information system flaws and vulnerabilities as soon as possible. Patch management is your strategy and process for acquiring, validating, testing, and installing patches and upgrades on your systems and devices.

  4. Is the upgrade done free of cost?

    All customers in good standing and under a valid AMS contract are eligible for upgrades at no additional cost.

  5. My Triton Advantage contract has terminated or expired. How can I upgrade?

    You have to renew your contract before upgrading. Please write to for a renewal price offer.

  6. How long will you provide support for older builds?

    Support will be provided for older builds (mentioned above) until the end of the support date.