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Consulting Services

Professional Business Consulting For Your Company

Here at E-By Design, we are truly proud of our consulting services. Our team consists of various professionals – technical architects, network and security specialists, program managers, project managers, database/business intelligence experts and IT/IS analysts. We can help you skyrocket your business plan and performance to 100% in record times!

Why You Should Choose Us

Our project managers have many years of experience with tackling a wide array of issues and guiding projects to their successful conclusions. Sometimes, companies have amazing, hard-working experts, but the management lacks. To lead a big project to success, you need a real professional. This is where E-By Design’s gurus come in. We offer you first class project management consulting and services.

If you want to take things up a notch, you can hire our program managers. They can lead whole series of projects and conclude them with excellent results. But you will also learn a lot during the process, as a leader. We not only manage a variety of programs but also integrate best practices from the sphere of business transformation to up your company’s performance to the limit and beyond.
Aside from our software and architecture developers, we employ professional business intelligence analysts. They can help you analyze the data you have gathered and turn it into useful insights, inspiration and profit. Business intelligence data affects decision making – we at E-By Design will maximize its utility for you and your business.

The IT and IS Analysts that work with us know their way around the virtual space. You will receive fantastic tips on how to improve your software solutions. The IT analysts can help with ideas for new features, and the IS analysts will be the first to point out missing data channels you can make great use of.

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