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Architecture Services

How to Transform Your Business Software

Architecture is the foundation upon which every business builds its software. A good software engineer will create architecture that works. A great software engineer will develop architecture that is based on the latest technologies, flexible and most importantly – targeted as a long-term solution. The programmers here at E-By Design have years of experience and will create professional architecture solutions, catering to your personal needs and preferences.

Here are the types of architecture we offer :

  • Database architecture focuses on the design, implementation, development and maintenance of storage and organizational computer programs. The said programs operate with the information of a business and organize it under a set of parameters. Many program languages can be used to accomplish this task. E-By Design will create a robust and flexible solution for your business.
  • Business architecture is one of the most valuable solutions for any company. Do you need your business analyzed and organized to show and align your strategic objectives and tactical demands? Do you want to collect information on what would improve your business processes and identify which investments will yield the highest profit? Then let us help you.
  • Our Enterprise Architecture software solutions will cover all aspects of enterprise analysis, design, planning and implementation. By investing in this type of architecture, you invest in the future of your company. Our enterprise architecture assessment specialists will make sure you receive a custom-tailored service that best suits your needs. We use all the modern approaches, including cloud computing, with a professional approach.
  • If you are in need of a great website or application, then our Web Architecture service is for you. E-By Design’s professionals cover all aspects of web architecture – technical, aesthetic and functional. We focus on the user experience and business requirements.
  • Mobile app architecture is a crucial component of any application. We will help you define, understand and learn the key factors and components of your mobile application. Every decision we make will be synchronized with you and aimed towards the best user experience and functionality.